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Welcome Speech from the President

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Dear our Asian EM colleagues,

Warmest greeting from Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM).

It is my greatest honor to serve as the President of the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine in the coming two years. Since late 2019, we have experienced one of the biggest waves towards the field of medicine that we never thought of after the emergence of SARDS in 2003. Emergency physicians had played an important role in fighting against the pandemic. I would like to pay tribute to all the emergency physicians who have contributed to this major health battle in the century.

ASEM was established in 1998 after the first Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine in Singapore. There were only five member societies at the inauguration of ASEM. But now, we have 13 member societies with wide representation in different parts of Asia. By 2023,  we are going to celebrate our 25th jubilee anniversary. We are looking forward to your participation in our celebration events.

I am pledged to lead Asian Society for Emergency Medicine to  focus on more academic activities from 2022. We will organize regular academic meetings to share our knowledge among our Asian colleagues and it may also benefit our junior doctors who are in need for training. We will also liaise with other organizations so as to foster the development of emergency medicine not only at the hospital level but also we will try to inspire the medical students about the spirit of emergency medicine.

Our regular flagship programme, Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine, will continue to be the hub for the Asian emergency physician. Despite the impact from COVID 19 pandemic, the first virtual Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine was successfully held in December 2021. Though we could not meet face-to-face, as facilitated by modern technology, we could still conduct the keynote speech and various scientific tracks without the border. This precious experience will definitely be a reference for our future academic activities in our Asian family.

Last but not the least, I wish the war against COVID 19 will soon be over. Everyone can enjoy good health!

Thank you very much.

Dr. SIU Yuet-chung, Axel


Asian Society for Emergency Medicine

18 December 2021

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ASEM Board Members


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Dr. Axel SIU (Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery)


Dr. Pauline CONVOCAR (Philippine College of Emergency Medicine)

Hon. Secretary

Dr. Chip-jin NG (Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine)

Assistant Secretary

Dr. Swee-han LIM (Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore)

Hon. Treasurer

Dr. T. S. Srinath KUMAR (Society for Emergency Medicine in India)

Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Steven LIM (Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore)

Immediate Past President

Dr. Tamorish KOLE (Society for Emergency Medicine in India)

Auditor 1

Dr. Saleh FARES (Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine)

Auditor 2

Prof. Abu Hussan A ABDULLAH (Malaysian Society of Traumatology and Emergency Medicine)

Member Societies

About Us: List
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