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Dear esteemed colleagues  of the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine[1],

I am deeply humbled and honored to serve as the President of the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine for the term 2023-2025 and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our society, no less.  Let me take this opportunity to pay tribute to our founding mentors who trailblazed to organize our country-societies into the ASEM that we know of today.


With the recently concluded Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine 2023 hosted by the Philippines, we had witnessed the legacy of those who came before us and the celebration of the emerging leaders who, whilst standing on the shoulder of giants, are ready to bring the brand of Asia into the next 25 years of emergency medicine in the region. There can be no better theme than “Sharing Similarities, Celebrating Differences”. 


This remarkable milestone is a testament to the society’s dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to advancing emergency medicine in our region. Our collaborative efforts fostered a sense of community and collegiality among emergency healthcare professionals. The tireless work of the individual members of this society have undoubtedly saved countless lives and alleviated suffering especially during times of crisis of the worst pandemic of our lifetime.


As we celebrate this significant anniversary, it is not only  essential to reflect on the past but also set our sights on the future. There is incredible potential that Asia holds and uniquely contribute for the global emergency medicine community. The Asian continent is characterized by its rich cultural diversity, dynamic economies, and rapidly evolving healthcare systems. These unique qualities present both challenges and opportunities for the field of emergency medicine.


Challenges such as healthcare disparities, resource limitations, and disaster preparedness remain critical issues that demand collective action. ASEM serves as a platform for addressing these challenges through advocacy, education, and international collaboration.


Meanwhile opportunities abound; Asia’s diverse patient populations offer a broad spectrum of cases for study, providing valuable insights into various disease patterns and treatment strategies. Collaborative efforts across Asian nations can lead to groundbreaking research that will benefit patients worldwide.  Asia's investment in healthcare infrastructure, telemedicine, and technology presents a fertile ground for advancements in emergency care delivery. The integration of artificial intelligence, telehealth, and data analytics can revolutionize how emergency care is provided, making it more efficient and accessible to remote and underserved areas.


In the next quarter-century, let us envision a future where ASEM plays a pivotal role in shaping the emergency medicine landscape across our diverse continent and globally.

Together, we can harness the vast potential of our continent to improve patient care, drive innovation, and strengthen emergency care systems in Asia and beyond. This direction will be made possible with a shared ASEM Roadmap drawing from the wisdom of the past and the faith in the insights of the emerging leaders.


I extend my heartfelt congratulations once again to everyone and look forward to witnessing the continued growth and impact of the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine in the years to come.


Semper altis, ASEM!

Dr. Pauline Convocar, MCHM, FPCEM, DPCOM


Asian Society for Emergency Medicine



[1] Message delivered during the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine 25th Anniversary Webinar on October 28, 2023




Dr. Pauline CONVOCAR (Philippine College of Emergency Medicine)


Dr. Rasha BUHUMAID (Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine)


Dr. Axel Yuet-chung SIU (Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery)


Dr. Chip-jin NG (Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine)


Dr. Steven LIM (Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore)


Dr. T. S. Srinath KUMAR (Society for Emergency Medicine in India)


Dr. Swee-han LIM (Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore)


Dr. Kasemsuk YOTHASAMUTR (Thai Association of Emergency Medicine)


Dr. Kang-hyun LEE (Korean Society of Emergency Medicine)

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