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Asian EMS Journal

Journal of EMS Medicine is the official peer-reviewed, open-access, journal of the Korean council of EMS physicians and Asian Association of Emergency Medical Services. The journal will be of interest out-of hospital emergency cares of medical disease and injury, disaster medicine, injury prevention, and global EMS.

Acute Medicine & Surgery

The journal contains pathophysiological analyses of acute illness or injury, whether the cause is medical and/or surgical. Studies of acute medicine include initial care in the emergency room, definitive treatment during acute phases of illness or injury...

Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine

The Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine (HKJEM) is a peer-reviewed open access international journal published by the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine and The Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery. The Journal has full editorial independence from both organizations. HKJEM aims to improve the quality of emergency patient care in the Asia Pacific region by disseminating knowledge...

International Journal of First Aid Education

The International Journal of First Aid Education (IJFAE) disseminates scholarly and field based works to advance the knowledge and practices of first aid educators and curriculum designers. Works published may also assist funders, organizations, and governments to identify networks and best practices to inform policy, laws, and measurements surrounding first aid for the preparedness of individuals, communities, and populations.

Journal of Acute Medicine

Journal of Acute Medicine (JACME ) is the official peer-reviewed and open access publication of the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine. The journal is published quarterly by airiti press. It aims to publish high quality scientific and clinical research in all fields of acute care medicine including emergency medicine, critical care, trauma and health policy with the goal of promoting and disseminating medical science knowledge to improve global health.

Journal of Emergency Medical Services

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) is dedicated to providing the emergency services sector with industry-leading coverage of progressive clinical and operational developments and state-of-the-art research initiatives.

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