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Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM) is dedicated to encouraging medical education and the exchange of scientific information in order to support improving emergency care for patients. ASEM is also committed to supporting collaboration between emergency medicine societies, and between medical specialties in different parts of the world. Therefore, ASEM will actively endorse medical/scientific meetings that are consistent with the vision and mission of the ASEM.

This policy establishes criteria and process for evaluating requests for endorsements

Who may apply for ASEM endorsement?

  • ASEM only accepts applications from non-profit and non-commercial parties

  • Any member of ASEM (for their national conference)

  • Any organization from ASEM member country (must be endorsed by ASEM member country) for local conferences or meetings

  • Any international organization outside ASEM member countries

When to apply for ASEM endorsement?

  • All international requests should be submitted 6 months prior to the conference.

  • The requests from ASEM member countries will be accepted 3 months prior to the conference.

Where to apply for ASEM endorsement?

The application form should be filled by the requestor, and send electronically by email (

Required Documents

  1. Completed application form (attached template)

  2. Letter of application - addressed to ASEM

  3. Scientific program with learning objectives

  4. Conference brochure

Decision, and Follow-up Process

  • The Endorsement Committee (EC) will review all requests for International Conference support and make recommendations to the President of ASEM regarding ASEM support of the conference within 20 days.

  • The final decision of ASEM will be provided to requestor by a letter from ASEM president on behalf of ASEM board within 10 days.

  • The requesting party will be given 15 days from notice of non-endorsement to appeal decision.

  • For the first time application for endorsement, a designated member from ASEM will attend the meeting and provide follow-up report to EC and board of directors of ASEM. Event organizers will cover the registration, flight and accommodation expenses of authorized person of ASEM for the event. The Board of ASEM can exercise discretion for exemption of this requirement.

Roles and responsibilities of both parties for the endorsed meetings

  • ASEM logo to appear on the event materials and website

  • Event link will appear on the ASEM webpage

  • ASEM will promote the event through ASEM members

  • ASEM member countries will have a discount for registration for scientific event and courses

  • Event organizers will invite 2 speakers from the ASEM board, and speakers’ registrations, accommodations and travel expenses will be covered by applicant organization and/or society.

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